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Nature photography slows me down and forces me to" smell the flowers" (no pun intended.") It makes me aware of the many miracles that are happening all around me; it makes me realize that there is something greater than myself that runs the show; it is also humbling when I think of the immensity of the "runner of the show."

Travel gives me a global view of the world and events that are happening. It is so difficult not to be grateful after visiting third world countries and seeing how much others lack. It makes me want to give more.
Travel is also awe inspiring when I see what ancient civilizations created when we were still not even an entity on the map. It restores my faith in mankind and reminds me that creativity and imagination have always been our greatest traits when used to build rather than destroy.

© Maria  Costa PhotoID# 9805535: India Taj Mahal early afternoon India        slide show (25)
The Taj Mahal is one man's tribute to love. No one can deny its awe inspiring beauty.

© Maria  Costa PhotoID# 10186079: Dunes with three peaks Death Valley, CA        slide show (18)
Death Valley CA is one of the hottest places on earth. In summer temperatures can reach 135 degrees. Yet in winter it can be a delightful place to photograph

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© Maria  Costa PhotoID# 15356904: Aurora Borealis and Church, Iceland Iceland        slide show (20)
One of the most productive photo trips I've taken. We saw a Level 7 Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and it was definitely a major highlight of the trip.

© Maria  Costa PhotoID# 10154312:  Blue Mosque Turkey        slide show (27)
Turkey is a land of hidden treasures. There is one surprise after another from the Agia Sofia (the largest Cathedral in Christendom and later largest mosque in Islam and now a museum) to Capadoccia, the land of fairy chimneys, one is always in awe.


© Maria Costa

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