Bio Info

I started taking photos when I was six. I was amazed at the camera's capacity to tell a story, freeze a split second in time and record personal history.
It wasn't until the 70's that I began to learn to photograph in black and white and do darkroom work. Unfortunately, I stopped photographing for a period of 16 years and went back full force in 1996. I've been exhibited in NYC, Teaneck, Wayne, Paterson. I've also been published in SHUTTERBUG magazine and in the BERGEN RECORD. I've won many awards locally and have taught photography in adult schools in North Jersey.
My belief is that it is not the camera but the eye of the photographer that makes a good image. I shoot with a Nikon 5200 for my DSLR and with a Panasonic Lumix for my carry around camera. When I shoot film, I shoot with a Nikon F-100.
Thanks for viewing my web page. Your comments are always appreciated. Maria Costa